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Remit Services


Himal Remit, a premium online customer focused and technology oriented Money Transfer product, is brought to you by Himalayan Bank Ltd – the leading joint venture bank of Nepal.

G.L travel serves you for international and domestic  remittance. In domestic, we serve you as an agent of Himal Batas. .



Money transfer services meet an important need in today’s global economy. MoneyGram’s international and domestic money transfer services are an affordable. As a global leader in wire transfers, MoneyGram’s network of more than 320,000 agents in 198 countries makes it easy to find a location near you to receive money. G.L travel serves you to receive money for international remittance.




Prabhu Money Transfer P. Ltd (Prabhu) is a leading remittance company registered in Nepal and having many international branches/agents in different parts of the Asia and North America. Prabhu is a very popular and reputed money transfer organization among the Nepalese in Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, USA and other countries. You can receive money or can send money from us through Prabhu Money transfer remit




At Western Union, our goal is to make our customers’ lives a little better and meet their needs with a variety of products and services. It’s just one thing that has made western Union  an industry leader in global money transfer.We do international remit service to receive money from different countries all over the world.




NABILREMIT is a web-based online money transfer system introduced by Nabil Bank Ltd. to ease the fund transfer from one place of the country to the other. NABILREMIT has more than 1100 locations across the nation to render domestic remittance services to our valued customers, one of the largest networks. From the lowlands of the Terai to the high lands of the hills, NABILREMIT covers the diverse geography of Nepal to facilitate money transfer in urban as well as the remote locations.We also do CG international transaction from Nabil Remit.




Pashupati Nepal Remit Limited is a first public limited company in Nepal serving the world through its modern and efficient remittance facilities. It ensures fastest and accurate delivery to remitter’s beneficiaries through its more than 75 strategic business partners throughout the world and 1,300 agents/branches throughout the country. The company has strategic plan of entering into partnership in different countries where large number of Nepali migrants & workers are residing.



In Nepal, Reliable remit have the country’s largest network of more than 1600 payout locations, covering whole of the country including the rural areas. Going International, Reliable remit have coordinated and collaborated with different strategic partners such as Silva Exchange, IPay,Uniquexhange Money Transfer and Xpress Money Transfer to conduct inward remittance from Lebanon, Australia,  Malaysia and all over world.
Reliable is working as a Super-agent of Siddhartha Remit(A product of Siddhartha Bank), Century Remit(A product of Century Bank) and Prithivi Remit(A product of Nepal Investment Bank)  effectively and smoothly and Can be accessed by all our payout agents from our Remittance service.




CG Money Remit Pvt Ltd, undertaking of Chaudhary Group Nepal, started its operation in the later half of 2010 dedicated to providing a secure, quick, cost-effective and easy way to remit money to Nepal. Sending money to Nepal does not have to be difficult or expensive. Your family, friends or business associates cannot wait weeks to receive the funds, and you cannot afford the expensive fees, complications and insecurities typical of traditional money remittance services. You can count on CG Money Remit, to deliver and satisfy you every time.